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Early Years Education Group

Welcome to our Group, a colourful enchanting world for children aged 3 to 6 years. We provide quality early childhood education along with fun and play.

Providing the best start for your child through quality care and early years education.

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Dear Management Team,

I would like to give an appreciation mail as my child has completed almost one month in the school. His name is Aayansh Sharma and he has really adjusted well and seems interested to go to school each day.

He is able to stay long hours in the school as it’s his first time and always looks forward to meeting Miss Maria. He tells us everything when he comes back about the activities and dance and fun time he had in the school which is really appreciated. I was really happy to see the file that my child could do these things.

Mother of Aayansh Sharma

I would like to thank the NDN team for organizing a memorable International Family Day activity for us with our children. It truly gave us a sense of their class setting and moments to cherish forever. A special mention to Miss Vinita, for her energy and enthusiasm throughout the day both in the class and on the ground!

Once again Kudos for all your efforts and the amazing things you do for our kids!

Mother of Daksha and Danvi

Hello there,

I am writing this heartfelt testimonial to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for Ms. Priyanka, an exceptional Kindergarten teacher at New Dubai Nursery. Her dedication, compassion, and unwavering commitment to my child’s education and personal growth have left an indelible mark on our lives.

From the moment my child stepped into Ms. Priyanka’s classroom, it was evident that she possessed a remarkable ability to create a warm and nurturing environment. Her genuine love for teaching and her genuine concern for each and every student’s well-being is truly remarkable. Ms. Priyanka’s kindness and compassion create a sense of belonging and security, allowing the children to thrive both academically and emotionally.

Ms. Priyanka is an extraordinary teacher who goes above and beyond for her students. I have had the opportunity to meet her in person a couple of times and her passion for teaching, her unwavering dedication, and her genuine care for my child’s educational journey were very apparent.  I am incredibly fortunate to have had her as my child’s Kindergarten teacher. She is a true gem in the field of education, and her contributions to my child’s life will forever be cherished.

Parent of Jaydev Anandkrishnan

I am writing to express our sincere appreciation for the wonderful job you have done in teaching our child, Ethan. Your patience, understanding, and encouragement have truly made a positive impact on his learning and development.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that Ethan can confidently write his alphabet independently, despite not receiving any formal teaching at home. Your dedication to his education is evident in his progress and growth.

Furthermore, we appreciate how you are helping Ethan overcome his anxiety about attending school. Your willingness to understand each child’s unique needs and adapt your teaching style accordingly is a testament to your commitment to creating a positive learning environment.

Thank you for your exceptional efforts in teaching and guiding our child.

Your contributions have not gone unnoticed and are greatly valued.

Thank you!

Parent of Ethan Dalal

Thank you for the great work and mentoring my child.

Let me express my gratitude for your great work I have noticed my child’s love to the nursery, teachers and peers. He wakes up early, energetic and happy to be there every day. He sleeps without delay to be ready for the next day!

Thank you for creating such a beautiful and distinguished experience for any child is amazing, and to a P.O.D (autistic child) is far beyond education, it’s definitely a work of art and love.

Wishing New Dubai Nursery, the best always!

Foundation Stage 1 Parent of NDN

Thank you for helping to make Foundation Stage 2 such a positive experience for Aadhya. With all of your patience, creativity, and love, Aadhya has achieved a lot during the academic year. She has started on the right foot by having you as her teacher.

Thank You, Teacher Shweta. You have made a great difference in our child Aadhya. I really appreciate the way you helped her to learn through interactive classes during this pandemic.

I thank you again for all the wonderful work you have done and wish you all the best in your future endeavor.

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