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Parental Consent Form

In the event that your child develops a fever or has pain it may be necessary to administer Paracetamol. If your child is unable to take this medication, please contact the School Nurse to discuss the use of an alternative.

A Medical Examination will be conducted on the child once he/she starts attending the nursery. This will be done by the visiting doctor in the presence of our resident nurse. A report of the same will be prepared and maintained and the parent will be handed the report when the chid leaves the nursery. We would also like to reassure parents that the safety and wellbeing of the children are of prime importance to us and they are supervised at all times during the examination by the doctor.

In the event that your child requires emergency treatment you will be contacted and asked to collect your child from the Nursery. If the Nursery is unable to contact you, your child will be taken to a Doctor / Hospital for diagnosis and treatment. In the event of a serious emergency, an ambulance will be called immediately. Efforts to contact you will continue.


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