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Early Years Education Group

Welcome to our Group, a colourful enchanting world for children aged 3 to 6 years. We provide quality early childhood education along with fun and play.

Providing the best start for your child through quality care and early years education.

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Our Nurseries

Thank you for the great work and mentoring my child.

Let me express my gratitude for your great work I have noticed my child’s love to the nursery, teachers and peers. He wakes up early, energetic and happy to be there every day. He sleeps without delay to be ready for the next day!

Thank you for creating such a beautiful and distinguished experience for any child is amazing, and to a P.O.D (autistic child) is far beyond education, it’s definitely a work of art and love.

Wishing New Dubai Nursery, the best always!

Foundation Stage 1 Parent of NDN

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