Term 1
Parent Orientation Monday 02-04-2018
Start of Term (New Students) Tuesday 03-04-2018
Start of Term (All Students) Wednesday 04-04-2018
Graduation Day (‘O’ Level) June 2018
Probable Islamic/Public Holiday Thursday 14-06-2018
End of Term Wednesday 27-06-2018
Parent Teacher Meeting Thursday 28-06-2018
Holiday Programme Begins Sunday 01-07-2018
Holiday Programme Ends Monday 20-08-2018
Term 2
Parent Orientation Saturday 01-09-2018
Start of Term (New Students) Sunday 02-09-2018
Start of Term (All Students) Monday 03-09-2018
Probable Islamic/Public Holiday Tuesday 11-09-2018
Probably Holiday Diwali Wednesday 07-11-2018
Sports November 2018
Probable Islamic/Public Holiday Tuesday 20-11-2018
Probable Islamic/Public Holiday Friday 30-11-2018
Probable Islamic/Public Holiday Sunday 02-12-2018
Parent Teacher Meeting Thursday 13-12-2018
EYEG Family Fiesta (Sharjah) Saturday 15-12-2018
End of Term Thursday 20-12-2018
Winter Break Sunday 23-12-2018 onwards
Term 3
Public Holiday Tuesday 01-01-2019
Start of Term (All Students) Wednesday 02-01-2019
EYEG Family Fiesta (Dubai) Saturday 19-01-2019
Graduation Day March 2019
End of Term Wednesday 20-03-2019
Parent Teacher Meeting Thursday 21-03-2019
Staff Party March 2019
  • Public holidays will be announced as per government directives issued.
  • The above dates are subject to change.